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About Us

New Leaf Arbor and Hort is a full tree and shrub care company working with residential and commercial customers throughout the Atlanta area.


With education and experience, we are dedicated to the health of your trees and shrubs. We are passionate about all types of living things and how they interact with the space you enjoy on this planet.


Our main focus is a healthy landscape through pruning, harmful insect control/prevention, disease control/prevention, fertilization and soil enhancement. When necessary, we are also great at removals. Understanding why to remove- dead, declining, structural defects, hazardous, invasive or management- is our first approach.


We at New Leaf Arbor and Hort, enjoy providing clarity through knowledge and experience allowing you to make informed decisions about your property, plants and all other living creatures.


Let's Talk Trees

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Meet the Team

We're happy your here and we hope to work with you and your landscape soon!

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Sean Harrison

Owner, Arborist


Sales Manager

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